Review: TP-Link’s Deco P9 whole house hybrid fit together Wi-Fi System

the current Deco P9 whole house hybrid fit together Wi-Fi System was introduced at IFA this year as well as TP-Link asked us if we’d like to try one out.

In a delighted coincidence a buddy was in dire requirement of improving his wireless network, so it was a fantastic chance to test this new hybrid tech whilst providing somebody the Christmas gift of a long over-due Wi-Fi upgrade, all courtesy of TP- Link.

Hvad er det?

This new design is an enhancement to standard fit together WiFi systems, which normally utilize a single base station difficult wired to your router, with a lot of or all other gain access to points getting their data link wirelessly from that.

The P9 is ‘Hybrid’ in the sense that, in addition to WiFi, it employs AV1000 Powerline innovation to transmit data over your home’s existing mains wiring as well.

The Deco P9 combines the intelligence of a fit together network with the performance of Powerline, (data transmission by means of the domestic power circuit) so a wireless connection is transported across big distances as well as with thick walls; getting rid of weak signal areas. 

The light-weight tube shaped gain access to points pack a Qualcomm Quad-core CPU as well as TP-Link state these 3 WAPs can supply WiFi protection of as much as 6,000 square feet as well as support 802.11ac for as much as 100 devices.

Setup & Installation

As is the norm these days, configuration is brought out utilizing a smartphone app (Android as well as iOS). This was one of the very best guided configurations I’ve ever used, with diagrams as well as prompts taking us well with each step of the process. Well done TP-Link.

We installed the base system at the ISPs router as well as linked to one of its Ethernet ports. one of the remote units went into the kitchen area while the other one was plugged in upstairs. We then logged into the sky router as well as disabled its built-in WiFi. We were up as well as running in around 30 minutes.

Each WAP has 2 Ethernet ports on board so you can utilize a cord from them to plug into a PC or wise TV etc if they don’t have WiFi capabilities.

I brug

The Powerline network plus the 2.4 GHz as well as 5 GHz wireless tech is all integrated into a single SSID that covers your entire home. As you roam around the home your gadgets are handed off effortlessly to the WAP with the greatest signal strength.

The app we utilized to configuration the system is now becomes the controller, enabling us to screen as well as configure the wireless network as well as the gadgets on it.

It’s function rich as well as with individual profiles you can tie gadgets to individuals, set them time limits for Web gain access to in addition to filter their content.

QoS (Quality of Service) can be enabled on a per-device basis. This can be timed, for example, for the next 2 hours, or be on permanently. That’s one more great function that might enable you, for example, to provide your TV concern to stream a difficult 4K motion picture for a couple of hours leaving the youngsters downloads progressing somewhat slower.

Bad daddy can likewise pause the Web connection on a individual basis up until homeworks are total or the bin is taken out You can likewise inspect on the sites your youngsters are routinely checking out as well as there’s a guest network facility too.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This was really one of the very best configuration as well as installation procedures I’ve seen in recent years. In addition, the 3 WAPs are working perfectly together as well as covering this home as well as getting rid of the previous dead areas in the kitchen area as well as dinning room.

We saw speeds boost in other spaces from around 30Mbps as well close to 70Mbps. even the dreaded 2.4 GHz kid screen wasn’t able to spoil the celebration with 4K YouTube videos playing perfectly with the Sony Android TV’s WiFi connection.

So if your ISP supplied one-box router as well as wireless gain access to point ain’t cutting the mustard, provide the TP-Link’s Deco P9 a try, we believe you’ll like it.


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TP-Link Deco P9 whole house Powerline fit together Wi-Fi System, as much as 6000 Sq ft Coverage, Dual-Band AC1200+HomePlug AV1000, Gigabit Ports, Compatible with Amazon Echo/Alexa, restricted walls impact, pack of 3

Wireless Class: AC1200 + HomePlug AV1000 whole house fit together Wi-Fi
Wi-fi + plc hybrid mesh: hybrid network boosts bandwidth effectively
Powerful processing: Qualcomm quad-core CPU

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